GWT “” possible values for class names

By | November 29, 2013

How to modify GWT generated class names

Use this configuration tag in the .gwt.xml file :

<set-configuration-property name="" value="pretty" />

For those like me looking for all possible values, here is where to find them (at least in GWT 2.5.0) :

pretty –> VERBOSE (true, false, true, true),
stable –> STABLE_FULL_CLASSNAME (true, true, true, true),
stable-shorttype –> STABLE_SHORT_CLASSNAME (true, true, true, false),
stable-notype –> STABLE_NO_CLASSNAME (true, true, false, false),
[default] –> OBFUSCATED (false, false, false, false);

The argument values

XXXXXXXX (isPretty, isStable, showClassName, showPackageName)

The rules

If you set isPretty to false, other values won’t be read and OBFUSCATED name will be used.
If you set showClassName to false, showPackageName won’t be used.
If you set isStable to false, then the generated class name will have the obfuscated name prepended.

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