Windows: Bypass proxy max size limit using cURL

By | May 30, 2014

Bypass proxy max size limit using cURL

Your entreprise/college proxy forbid you to download large file ? Here might be the solution.


First you need to download cURL
Go to the download page and choose your file, I personally used : “Win64” from Don Luchini

Chunk file evaluation

Evaluate your proxy limit (We take 150M for this example) –> 150*1024*1024 = 157286400

Evaluate the number of chunk you’ll need : FileSize/ProxyLimit
* For a 400M file would be : 400/150 = 2,667 –> 3

So we’ll use 3 chunks:

  1. 0-157286400
  2. 157286400+1 – 157286400*2
  3. (157286400*2)+1-end

So we’ll need 3 commands :

curl --range 0-<strong>157286400</strong> <em>FILENAME</em> --output 1.ext
curl --range 157286401-314572800 <em>FILENAME</em> --output 2.ext
curl --range 314572801- <em>FILENAME</em> --output 3.ext

Merge chunks

Open a command prompt and merge the files :

copy /B 1.ext+2.ext+3.ext <em>REAL_FILENAME.REAL_EXTENSION</em>

And here you go.

Note that if you want to use a proxy with cURL simply add :

--proxy [protocol://][user:password@]proxyhost[:port]

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